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I live in a desert. I live in a desert for a reason. I like that nice, dry weather, usually with a big, blue sky filled with a sun that has meaning!

Soon, I’m headed to other climes and I must admit, even though I am really looking forward to the trip, I am not looking forward to the cold and damp. The last time I was in this weather in the winter, I would get so cold it took a long time soaking in a deep, hot bath to warm up. Literally. Chilled to the bone is a real thing.

Back in the day, I didn’t even know about homeopathy, let alone use it. So, this time, I’m doing a little prep work of what remedies to have along with me.

Previously, I wrote about frost bite and the remedies that can help with that. I’ll bring that remedy with me, but that’s very different to the deep-seated cold of damp weather.

Three remedies stand out in my search: Dulcamara, Nux moschata, and Rhus tox. These are not the only remedies, just the 3 that keep popping up most clearly and therefore, a good place to start (and the 3 remedies I am going to be sure to bring with me!) Calc carb showed up quite often, but it didn’t really have any distinguishing features, but I’ll leave it in anyway, just cuz.

Homeopathic Dulcamara has a strong keynote aggravation from damp weather. “Any condition which has this feature may find its remedy in Dulcamara” (Robin Murphy). Most Dulcamara complaints are related to the mucous membranes (mouth, nose, eyelids, lungs, stomach, intestines).

Symptoms unique to Dulcamara in the cold and damp:
  1. Hoarseness
  2. A sensation of having an enlarged head
  3. Paralysis of the tongue
  4. A cold sensation in the occiput

A few symptoms where Dulcamara is your best bet (though, Calc carb, Nux moschata and Rhus tox are still indicated, but not as clearly):
  • Diarrhea as a result of the cold and damp
  • Coughing from the damp cold
  • Ailments as a result of being or living in the cold and damp
  • Chills from the cold, damp weather

Homeopathic Nux moschata is what would be called a dry remedy. (It’s made from nutmeg, so that kind of makes sense to me.) A very dry remed actually; so, it’s no surprise that the person who could benefit from it would not fare well in the cold and damp.

Three symptoms that appear in the cold and damp and are unique to Nux moschata:
  1. A headache felt in the temples
  2. Pain and tension in the neck
  3. Pain in the middle of the back, the thoracic area — essentially from the base of the neck to the bottom of the ribs

If you experience any of these symptoms as a result of being in the cold and damp, Nux moschata is most likely the remedy for you.

Homeopathic Rhus tox is a remedy that is known for feeling better from heat — generally, the hotter the better! So, it would make sense that a person needing Rhus tox would feel worse in the cold and damp.

Specific to Rhus tox as a result of the cold & damp:
  • A numb sensation in the joints
  • Sciatica
  • Headache that can be described as a “tearing” pain (well, Calc carb is more highly indicated, actually, but my other 2 main remedies aren’t included - just these two)
  • As if the blood were cold (also consider Aconite or Arsenicum)

A few other rubrics to consider that don’t fit nicely into my (mostly) neatly segregated remedies:
  • Rheumatism after cold weather: Rhus tox & Dulcamara
  • Back pain from cold weather: Rhus tox, Calc carb & Dulcamara
  • Asthma symptoms from the cold & wet: Dulcamara, Nat sulph & Arsenicum album
  • Female pains from the cold & damp: Calc phos
  • Sore thighs in the cold, damp weather: Calc phos

Here’s to sitting by a blazing fire, sipping something hot and lovely!

Julia Coyte, CHom
Classically Practical homeopath

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On Black Friday, I shared some good deals on homeopathic remedies.

For Cyber Monday, if you would like to give a more personalized gift of homeopathy, take advantage of my sale… for yourself or your loved ones.

Click here, and choose your appointment type. When you confirm the appointment, enter the words “Wellness2023” and a 30% discount will be applied for you.

If you are giving the gift of a consultation, please email me at juliacoyte@classicallypractical.com and we’ll figure out the details that way.

What are your consultation options?

I’m glad you asked.

Adult Initial Consultation is up to 2 hours and includes two follow-up consultations of up to 1 one-hour each. Regularly $250, on sale for $175. That’s 4 hours of consultation time for $175. That’s a bargain!

Choose this option for a full-on homeopathic consultation… to address all those long-standing issues that have been begging you for your attention.

Focused Adult Consultation for those who just want to focus on a specific health issue, one-hour at a time. Regularly $150, on sale for $107.

Choose this option if you want to address your eczema or IBS or rosacea or arthritis or hot flashes or … that one niggling thing for which you have not been able to find relief.

Child (under 12) Initial Consultation is a 90-minute initial consultation and one 45-minute follow-up consultation. Regularly $175, on sale for $122.50.

Choose this option for any chronic condition for those 12 and under: skin conditions, gut issues, sleep problems, behavioral issues….

Bach Flower Essence Consultation is a 1-hour consultation resulting in a personalized remedy selection for adults or children. Regularly $35, on sale for $24.50.

All of these consultation options include contact during treatment for any questions or situations which arise.

Give the gift of wellness to yourself or your loved ones. I look forward to working with you.

Julia Coyte, CHom
Classically Practical homeopath


<![CDATA[Please help!]]>Sun, 27 Nov 2022 01:38:04 GMThttp://classicallypractical.com/blog/please-helpPicture
Homeopathy was “carved out” as a separate and distinct medicine from pharmaceutical/allopathic drugs by the US Government in 1938. 

Before that, in 1844, the first national medical society was formed: the American Institute of Homeopathy. Two years later, in 1846, a rival group was formed, vowing to slow the development of homeopathy: the AMA, the American Medical Association. (For an interesting read on the history of homeopathy, see Dana Ullman’s article.)

In short, there is a long history of trying to stop homeopathy.

They are back at it again now.

Please take a moment of your time to send your thoughts to the US Government to help keep homeopathy accessible. Americans for Homeopathy Choice makes it a very simple thing to do. Click here and then click the blue “send message” button. Easy peasy.

The deadline is in 2 days time (11/28/22), so please act quickly.

Thank you.

Julia Coyte, CHom
Classically Practical homeopath


<![CDATA[Flu Remedies to Consider]]>Sat, 26 Nov 2022 12:00:00 GMThttp://classicallypractical.com/blog/flu-remedies-to-considerPicture
In my last post, I mentioned 7 remedies which may be good to have around as the flu season approaches.

Here’s a quick rundown of why they’re good to have handy, focusing especially on fevers.

Baptisia for fevers with profuse sweat, intense thirst; fevers with lethargy — no energy. Those who may benefit from homeopathic Baptisia may be suffering from bad breath or other foul smelling discharges. The bed may feel too hard and going outside and getting some fresh air does not sound like a good plan to them. There may be some mental confusion or they may even feel as if they are intoxicated. There may be copious, (often) smelly stool. Throat may appear dark red.

Bryonia. Homeopathic Bryonia may be an excellent remedy for a flu that creeps up on you… when you haven’t quite been feeling yourself but you wouldn’t necessarily call yourself “sick” yet, either. A dry fever with a great thirst for a lot of liquid; chills are more likely not a part of this picture. Dryness, however, is a key part of Bryonia… you may see constipation or a dry cough or dry eyes, dry skin, dry mouth. Someone benefitting from Bryonia may prefer to be still and quiet with movement resulting in discomfort, including when moving their eyes. They may prefer to be by their grumpy selves.

Eupatorium feverish people may find themselves shivering, especially after drinking any liquids. Aching pain anywhere in the body, but specifically pains in the legs - terrible pains in the bones themselves and may even feel as if one is broken. Big chills. Unquenchable thirst. Pulsating pain in the back of the head. They may feel depressed during a fever. 

Gelsemium has little or no thirst at all and the 4 Ds: Droopy, drowsy, dizzy and dull. They feel their eyelids are too heavy to keep them open. Shivering and weak with coldness down the back. May feel faint. They may feel a dull, bruised pain all over and are worse from physical exertion. There may be a headache, beginning in the neck and moving up to the top of the head and feel as if there were a band or hoop around their head. Headaches may be relieved to some degree when urinating. 

Mercurius sol is often worse in the night, where a fever may drive them from their bed. There may be shivering and shuddering with this fever. There may be bone pains, more so at night. Discharges from the ears and the eyes. Fevers with profuse perspiration, again, worse at night or diarrhea at night. Headaches may be worse on the sides of the head and extend to the ears and the teeth. There may be mental restlessness and anxiety during the fever.

Nux vomica flu may have pain in the lower back during fever. Shivering with perspiration. Thirsty, but not wanting to drink anything. Very chilly and worse for cold air or drafts and may have a cough which starts when becoming cold. Nux vomica is well known for its digestive issues and may experience stomach pains during fever. They may find themselves oversensitive and emotional during a fever. 

Rhus tox is most likely mentally restless during a fever. Chill plays a big part in a Rhus tox fever: chill, followed by heat and perspiration; thirsty during the chill; they feel worse when chilled and may develop a tickling cough during the chill. Drinking cold drinks may bring on stomach pains. They may feel they have a lump or plug in their throat and swallowing may feel good on the throat. They may feel better lying on their back and worse lying on the sides.

Here's wishing you have a happy and healthy winter season!

Julia Coyte, CHom
Classically Practical homeopath



<![CDATA[Black Friday 2022]]>Fri, 25 Nov 2022 21:08:39 GMThttp://classicallypractical.com/blog/black-friday-2022
As I write this it’s Black Friday, 2022 and here are a few homeopathic price breaks that have been brought to my attention.

It’s time to take advantage of some lower prices, either for yourself or, if you’re already fully equipped, homeopathically speaking, then for your loved ones!
In no particular order…

Boiron is offering 25% off $50 or more & 1 free Sambucas 30c through the 28th of November — no code needed.

Taprootsva.com — I don’t see any special pricing, but they do offer free shipping on $75.
TapRoots offers a terrific selection of kits, all in little glass vials. Here are a couple of kits that look particularly inviting:
  • Top 100 - $289.99, including remedies in 30c, 200c and a few in 1M potencies.
  • Top 50, 200c kit: $169.99
  • Virus kit: $174.99 — includes 2 Banerji protocols of Aconite 200 + Bryonia 200 & Symphytum 200 + Rhus tox 30
  • Low potency kit: Top 50 remedies in 3c, 6c, 6x — $159.99
  • and, for the big splurge, The Banerji Set — 200 remedies of the Banerji Protocols: $649
  • TapRoots also offers some nice stocking stuffer kits:
    • Cold, Cough & Flu: $54.99
    • Women’s on-the-go kid: $44.99

Again, I don’t see any specific deals at the moment, but Hahnemann kits are terrific — in 2 dram glass vials.
  • First Aid kit: 15 remedies in 2 dram vials: $89.95
  • Home Remedy kit: 35 remedies in 30c: $209.95

It appears Helios is offering 35% off when you buy any 5 kits — perfect way to cover your whole list!
  • Basic 36 kit: £42.95
  • Basic 18 kit: £29.95
  • Accident & Emergency kit: £29.95

For some inexpensive gifts, try their laminated charts:
  • Homeopathic Emergency Man: $3
  • Homeopathic Gastrointestinal Man: $3
If you have someone on your list who is serious about their homeopathy, give them a copy of Dr. Murphy’s Materia Medica or his repertory, both of which appear to be on sale for $89.

  • Olloïs Home Kit of 20 remedies is on sale for $159.99
  • Olloïs stocking stuffer kits:
    • First Aid Kit: 4 remedies in a little package for $32.99
    • Digestion Kit: $32.99
It also says enter code BLCK22 at checkout + Free shipping on orders over $29.

Homeopathic Family Medicine is offering
  • Boiron’s Family Homeopathic Medicine Kit: 32 remedies plus 12 doses of Oscillococcinum for $179.99
  • “The BEST New Homeopathic Medicine Kit”: 60 remedies in big 3.5 gram bottles: $175. (Note: currently out of stock, but a new shipment is due by mid-December, 2022.)

Washington Homeopathy has a new combined 30c & 200c kit — 50 remedies: $149.99
In addition, I see 20% off a few remedies, all excellent to have on hand with the upcoming cold and flu season: Baptisia, Bryonia, Eupatorium, Gelsemium, Mercurius sol, Nux vomica and Rhus tox!

Is offering $5 off when you purchase any combination of 2 kits or packs, with free shipping to the USA over $99. This site offers Helios kits coupled with Miranda Castro’s Handbook.

Speaking of Miranda Castro…
  • She offers her own 200c kit of 50 remedies for $249.
  • Or, her 96 remedies coupled with her Handbook for $410.50
  • She also offers a very unique stocking stuffer sized kit: Homeocard in a leather case: $189. This really unique little kit is credit card sized and contains 40 remedies. Really cool!

From New Zealand, they offer a large first aid kit for $239.20, including 19 remedies as well as “Rest & Quiet Calm Drops” and 4 herbal creams.

Homeocan is offering 25% discount on any order of $150 through 28 November.


If Flower Essences are on your list, FES is offering discounts through 18 December.
  • little kits, like:
    • “Open Heart” Gift Set for $16.95
    • “Holly-Day” Gift Set for $18.75
    • “Dream Deep” Gift Set for $46, including 12 flower essences.

Is offering 15% discount off entire order with Coupon Code: SHOP4U

is having a flash sale, up to 30% off Bach remedies.

Going a little further afield from homeopathy, mymedic.com is offering 20%-40% off their fantastic kits!

That’s it from me for now — I don’t know how quickly some of these deals will expire, so get out there and purchase some remedies for you and your loved ones!

Julia Coyte, CHom
Classically Practical homeopath

<![CDATA[Gobble Gobble]]>Wed, 23 Nov 2022 12:30:00 GMThttp://classicallypractical.com/blog/gobble-gobble
It’s turkey time!

If it were only the turkey, overeating probably wouldn’t be much of a thing. Add in the mashed potatoes and the stuffing (the name alone says it all!), the sweet potatoes covered in marshmallows  (I’ve never tried it, but it doesn’t sound like my thing) and all the pies… now, we’re getting somewhere that ends up in overeating!

There’s not much sense in suggesting to go easy at the Thanksgiving table, but let’s see what we can do to mitigate the damage, shall we?

Before we get to homeopathy, let’s start with some Bach Flowers and see what we can do to pre-empt the debauch.

Cherry Plum to help control your behavior (both food-wise AND inter-relationally!)

Elm, especially if you’re the one cooking and preparing and hosting the big day -- there's a lot to do!

Honeysuckle if you find yourself stuck in memories of the past and having a hard time being present.

Olive if you’ve been over-doing it in the pie-making department and need a little more oomph to get you through.

OK, we’ve made it through the meal prep and the food itself and you didn’t have your Cherry Plum handy to help keep your appetite in check. What now?

Nux vomica for too much. Too much food. Too much football. Too much familial politics. All that too much has left you irritable!

Carbo veg is full of gas. Lots of burping, and that helps but, it’s not enough. Stepping outside for some fresh air helps, too.

Pulsatilla if you’re overdoing it was focused on ice cream, whipped cream, dairy and fats.

Nat phos for indigestion.

Arsenicum album if the indulgence has left you with burning pains. Or, if you find yourself suffering from food poisoning.

Lycopodium for bloating and gas. Better out than in!

Let’s take these last two remedies one step further and use the Banerji protocol of Lyco/Ars. Lycopodium 200c mixed with Arsenicum album 3c. It does wonders!

I wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Julia Coyte, CHom
Classically Practical homeopath

<![CDATA[When it hurts to go]]>Sat, 19 Nov 2022 13:30:00 GMThttp://classicallypractical.com/blog/when-it-hurts-to-go
I was reading an article the other day about Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) and antibiotics. According to this CNN story LINK, 47% of women were being prescribed a wrong antibiotic for their UTIs. Nearly half! This is bad on many levels, not the least of which is that the pathogens which cause the UTIs are becoming increasingly resistant to the commonly used antibiotics (Mattoo et al. 2021; Wawrysiuk et al. 2019).

UTIs are painful things. There often is burning pain. The urge to urinate that is not relieved by urinating — you have to go, you go and immediately feels like you have to go again. There may be blood in the urine. Cramping pain. They’re not fun and they are not uncommon. A 2011 WHO report “found UTIs contributed to over 8 million office visits and over 1 million hospitalizations” (LaMotte 2021).

As for antibiotics for UTIs in general, sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t work. Whether they work or not is irrelevant to what they do to your gut (Ianiro et al. 2016).

Some people, women most frequently, experience UTIs multiple times a year and know pretty much exactly what’s going on when they have these symptoms. For children (and their parents), the burning pain can be quite distressing.

So, when do you know if it’s time to seek medical treatment? According to Dr. Troy Madsen (University of Utah 2018), if you’re an older man experiencing these troubles, that can be more problematic than if you’re a woman as these symptoms may signify prostate troubles.

When to seek medical treatment for a UTI (ER of Texas 2022):

  • symptoms have progressed to the point of lethargy
  • high fever
  • shaking and chills
  • severe nausea
  • vomiting
  • blood in the urine

So, what’s the answer to this painful condition that winds up with so many people presenting to the ER and taking (possibly) ill-prescribed antibiotics which may lead to antibiotic resistance?

Well, for run-of-the-mill UTIs, homeopathy, of course!

For the treatment of minor urinary tract infections, homeopathy can be a marvelous and fast answer to some relief.

A few well-indicated homeopathic remedies to address these uncomfortable symptoms, (for men, women, children and pets, too!):

  • Cantharis
    • very frequent urge to urinate, almost constant
    • stinging/burning/cutting pains before, during and after urination
    • passing small quantities of dark urine
    • may be insatiably thirsty
  • Staphysagria
    • pressure upon the bladder — feels as if it didn’t empty
    • burning pains in the urethra, especially between urination
    • frequent urging to urinate with either scanty or profuse watery urine
    • may be thirstless
  • Apis
    • burning and stinging pains during urination
    • retention of urine
    • difficult or slow urination
    • may be very restless

Not only can homeopathy help the immediate symptoms, but using homeopathy has even been found to decrease the recurrence. Pannek (et al. 2018) found adjunctive homeopathic treatment led to a significant decrease in UTIs in patients with spinal cord injury.

If you suffer from frequent, recurring UTIs, I highly encourage you to work with a professional homeopath because there’s something else going on there that needs to be brought into the equation.

Stop the burning drip and get with the flow!

Julia Coyte, CHom
Classically Practical homeopath


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<![CDATA[Get Well Soon]]>Sat, 19 Nov 2022 11:30:00 GMThttp://classicallypractical.com/blog/get-well-soon
I’ve been thinking a lot about convalescence. I’ve been thinking about it partly because I’ve been doing it (Covid, round 2 for our house) and I’ve been thinking about it because I attended a webinar recently given by a naturopathic doctor. She said that when her patients tell her they are feeling better, that then begins their 3-day convalescence. She doesn’t clear them for returning to work or school until they have been 3 days past when they started to feel better.

What a concept!

I get it! It makes so much sense! Get back up to speed before returning to life at full speed! It’s a luxurious thought, though, I think. It shouldn’t be a luxury to recuperate, but I think in today’s day and age, it is. Bills need to be paid, houses need to be cleaned, school work needs to be completed… who has time to take 3 days to get back up to speed?

Maybe it’s time we return to this seemingly outdated idea.

What does it mean to “convalesce,” exactly?

Dictionary.com tells us “convalescence” means, “the gradual recovery of health and strength after an illness.” Victoria State Government recommends setting “recovery goals,” such as:

  • Maintaining some level of activity, even if it means just sitting or standing up occasionally. Try getting dressed and move around the house, if possible.
  • Gradually increasing your activity each day to ensure your muscles, heart and lungs are working efficiently.
  • Get enough rest. Listen to your body and alternate periods of activity with periods of relaxation. Don’t over-do it.
  • Maintain social activity.
  • Eat healthily — lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. If your appetite is lacking, try eating small amounts regularly. Eating well is more important than eating more.
  • As your strength improves, find time to do things you enjoy and aim to get out of the house regularly, even if for short outings.
  • If there is any possibility of long-term ramifications following serious illness, make sure to get the appropriate counseling.
  • Seek medical advice if there is confusion, dizziness on standing, depression, any new symptoms develop or if things just don’t seem right.

Homeopathy has some lovely remedies to assist with convalescence. For this article, we’ll look at some remedies for recovering from influenza, in particular. For recuperation, we’re not looking at symptoms of the disease so much as we’re looking at the weakness, lethargy, loss of appetite and even wonky sleep.

Homeopathic Gelsemium is the first to consider. Interestingly, Gelsemium is one of the first remedies to consider on the front side of the flu, too. The 4 Ds: droopy, drowsy, dull, dizzy. (Well, the dizzy part is hopefully behind you at this point….) The fatigue following influenza can be pronounced and Gelsemium is a fantastic remedy for fatigue, in general and chronic fatigue, in particular.

Phosphoric acid is indicated when mental weakness is a bigger deal than the physical weakness following an acute disease, particularly when recovering from fevers. People who may benefit from Phos-ac may find they are worse from conversation, sensitive to light and sound and smells; worse from cold drafts, worse from sitting and worse from standing.

Sulphur is known to help “clean up” following respiratory illnesses. I liken it to mopping up the gunk — it just kind of clears stuff out. (How’s that for getting technical?!) Another remedy to consider here is Sulphuric iodatum. Sulph-iod has a connection to exertion: weakness from exertion as well as a fear of exertion.

If sleeplessness sets in, try some Avena sativa tincture. It is also excellent for nervous exhaustion and debility.

Calc phos 6x and Ferr phos 6x are two excellent cell salts to help build up what was broken down during the illness. Calc phos can help when there is a lack of energy as well as mental or physical weakness. It can also help with absorption and assimilation of nutrients. Ferrum phos is said to assist in oxygenating the blood and can help with inflammation and sore muscles. Take this cell salt combination 3-4 times a day.

And, don’t forget my favorite non-homeopathic recommendation of bone broth! So many nutrients!

Now, go forth and rest! A few extra days to get back to full strength has to outweigh jumping back into life with both feet when you’re still under the weather!

Julia Coyte, CHom
Classically Practical homeopath


Victoria State Government, n.d. Convalescence - Better Health Channel [online]. www.betterhealth.vic.gov.au. 
<![CDATA[Homeopathy & Body Work]]>Sat, 05 Nov 2022 11:30:00 GMThttp://classicallypractical.com/blog/homeopathy-body-workPicture
Massage, Chiropractic, Rolfing and there are two more extremely important pieces for my bodywork puzzle: Acupuncture and CranioSacral Therapy (CST).

I understand the basic mechanics behind massage, chiropractic and Rolfing. What happens beyond that, I’m not even going to try and decipher it. Part of me doesn’t want to know the specifics — kind of like someone explaining why the sunset is as beautiful as it is. I don’t really care about the dust particles. I just like to marvel at the colors. (If you do care, here is a quick explanation: (University of Wisconsin, Madison 2019).

CST and Acupuncture are a whole other beast in terms of my coming to grips with what’s going on under the skin.

Acupuncture. You know, the scary sounding needle thing. It’s not so scary. It’s pretty delightful, actually — if the person knows what they’re doing. It’s been a long time since I’ve had any acupuncture (my Doctor of Oriental Medicine, DOM, left town. I tried a couple more, but they didn’t have the same level of expertise), but boy was that a helpful piece of relieving my physical discomfort puzzle. To read a little about acupuncture, including links to some research behind it.

It was my original DOM that taught me that the sacrum is a negative feedback loop. It’s worth thinking about the next time you have any lower back pain. What is stuck in there? What are you holding on to that needs to be set free?

CranioSacral (sometimes also called Cranial Sacral Therapy) or CST is my latest thing. I was sent there a few years ago for some prep work before my frenectomy, the tongue tie release. I didn’t know what to expect, really. What I found was amazing.

My favorite thing in CST is the skull stuff (technical terms, you know😬). The lightest of light touches, “using about 5 gm of pressure, or roughly the weight of a nickel” (Upledger 2008) on my cheeks and skull somehow made my teeth line up differently. I’ve had my stuffy nose open right up as they just barely press and move on my cranial bones — it feels like I’m being finely tuned while simultaneously getting my head screwed on straight! It’s very cool. My latest CS therapist makes me so relaxed that I go subterranean — truly, I am in another world during that time. I think it’s the most relaxing stuff I’ve ever experienced. (I did have one particular acupuncture session 20 years ago that did something similar, though.)

Again, these are my experiences with these modalities.

All of these body work things can be serious therapy and they shouldn’t be taken lightly. Make sure you find someone who is truly trained in what they are doing. Make sure they didn’t take a weekend course and are passing themselves off as an expert in their field. I have had big bruising following work by a not very good acupuncturist. I have gone completely dizzy and thought I was about to vomit when a new CS therapist did something goofy to my vagus nerve. Make sure you speak up if something doesn’t feel right.

This is all fine and dandy, but what does it have to do with homeopathy?

This week, I want to introduce the cell salt Calcium fluoride or Calc fluor. Calc fluor is known for its ability to maintain elasticity of the tissues. It’s for things that are too tight or too loose. “Use it for uterine displacements, teeth loose in their sockets, sluggish circulation, muscular weakness, and ailments of tendons, ligaments and fibrous tissue. Associated with this elastic tissue builder are cracks in the skin, especially in the hands and toes” (Weintraub 1999).

Calc fluor may help stiff and achy joints and it has a reputation for preventing stretch marks and helping with varicose veins and hemorrhoids. A person who may benefit from Calc fluor often feels better with continuous gentle movement.

The real point of these last few articles (here and here) is how homeopathy can assist these physical modalities. If you are suffering with structural pain, there are many good options to try (in addition to homeopathy, of course!) which may afford you some relief. Just make sure you find someone who is fully trained in the modality you choose.

Julia Coyte, CHom
Classically Practical homeopath


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I professed my love for massage last week. In so doing, it reminded me how important massage has been for me for more than 30 years.

Let’s go back in time where I had a fun but physically rough youth… an untold number of bumps and bruises and pulled muscles… a few strains and sprains and lots of broken bones. (I was about 11 when the receptionist at the Orthopedic Clinic said when I walked in with yet another injury, "you really do love us, don't you!") I began regular chiropractic visits in my teenage days. I was given the wise advice to never let anyone crack your bones — with the explanation that you can’t put them back again. That made sense to me. So, all the chiropractors I have ever seen have used the Activator Method. I am not a physician. I am not a chiropractor. I only know what has worked for me in my life.

Chiropractic kept me ticking along for at least a decade. Eventually, I had to add in regular massages. In fact, for a little while, it was not uncommon for me to have 2 (yes, two!) massages in a week, regularly — between chiropractic appointments! It’s fair to say I had a lot of physical discomfort.

Then, I got to the point in my life where massage and chiropractic weren’t cutting it any longer. When I could no longer role over in bed at night, I knew something had to change. That’s when I found Rolfing. (All these years later, I don’t even know how I learned about it, but I sure am glad I did. Life changing stuff.) Next to homeopathy, Rolfing is probably the most important thing I have done for my health.

Rolfing, is structural re-alignment. From the Rolfing institute: “Rolfing Structural Integration is a form of bodywork that reorganizes the connective tissues, called fascia*, that permeate the entire body” (Rolf.org 2019). Back to my words — Rolfing puts you back where you used to be… and where you're supposed to be. (If you suffer from physical problems, I highly recommend logging onto Rolf.org and find a certified professional rolfer and give it a go.)

Rolfing is not a massage. The intention is not relaxation, it’s re-alignment. Rolfing at times can be quite uncomfortable, actually. However, I did have a Rolfing instructor once tell me that if the Rolfing hurts too much, the practitioner is too deep and they need to back out a couple of layers. As with everything in life, communication is key.

How does homeopathy fit into this article?

Whether you are utilizing chiropractic or Rolfing, homeopathic Ruta graveleons can help your body hold the adjustment that has been made. Ruta is a small remedy, meaning it is not a wide-reaching remedy. It's focus is mainly on connective tissue.

Injuries. Fibromyalgia. Dislocations. Carpal tunnel syndrome. Sprains. Strains. Tendon injuries. Bursitis. Tendonitis. These are all examples of where Ruta shines.

Another unexpected area for Ruta to be useful (but if you think about it, it makes total sense) is in the eyes — particularly pain following eyestrain or overexertion. Too much reading, too much studying.

Ruta has an affinity for fibrous tissues and cartilage. When Ruta is indicated, there will most likely be horrible stiffness in the muscles and tendons. The person is worse for overexertion and cold and feels better with warmth and motion.

Life really is too short to be in physical pain. Massage. Chiropractic. Rolfing. Homeopathy. Incorporating these things in your life can help you get un-stuck, feel good and move forward with your life.

Julia Coyte, CHom
Classically Practical homeopath


* “Fascia is a layer of fibrous tissue. A fascia is a structure of connective tissue that surrounds muscles, groups of muscles, blood vessels and nerves, binding some structures together, while permitting others to slide smoothly over each other” (Physiopedia).

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